Therapy Services

Individual Session: $120 for up to 50-minutes


Being a teenager is full of twists and turns. As a teen, your feelings of frustration and overwhelm can be the result of all the expectations placed on you. Pleasing parents and teachers, maintaining friendships, figuring out your identity, and dealing with peer pressures and bullying make it a difficult time in a teen’s life. It can seem like we’re alone in this and that others don’t understand. I would be honored to work along-side you and support you through this time. My own struggles as a teenager help me relate. I want to create space for teens to feel heard and understood.


Many adults find themselves feeling frustrated, anxious, depressed and overwhelmed. Maybe you’re starting to wonder what is contributing to this experience and what can be done. You might sense that you need some things to look differently in your daily life but unsure what this looks like. Past wounds can get in the way of moving closer to the life you deserve. Caring for these past wounds can help move you in a healthy direction with your life. I believe that for healing to take place it must occur in our mind, body, and emotional world. Our work together will address unhelpful thoughts, regulating your nervous system through mindful awareness of your environment and body, and gaining insight on the patterns in your life that are holding you back.


Being born with a disability I understand the stressors and challenges that can come along with this. In addition to the usual challenges of daily life, your regular routines can be that much more difficult. Navigating this experience can feel isolating and overwhelming at times. You are not alone. I am passionate about supporting folks with disabilities to navigate this path in order to have a life that is fulfilling. Having a disability offers a unique opportunity to develop skills such as flexibility, creative thinking, problem solving and practice with advocating for your needs. 

Chronic Pain

Experiencing chronic pain can feel like it’s getting in the way of the life you want to live. Exploring tools to decrease anxiety, problem solve, voice your needs and find ways to take care of these needs can help you feel more in control of pain symptoms. Learning how to live while experiencing chronic pain, you can continue to engage in activities and connect with the people that bring meaning to your life.

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