How it Works


The connection between our heart and our mind is often overlooked

Our thoughts impact our emotions and our emotions impact our thoughts in an intricate dance that is constantly taking place. Being able to identify and sit with emotions, even those emotions we may be uncomfortable with offers the opportunity to see that our emotions are part of our experience however do not have to define us.

Our thoughts are the partner to our emotions. Our thoughts whether helpful or unhelpful have a profound impact on our emotions and actions. Practicing identifying our thoughts and labeling them as helpful or unhelpful can support us in making decisions and acting in a way that is in alignment with our authentic self.

When we experience overwhelm and we seek to find control, bringing our awareness to the present can help bring control back to us. It is like a ship in a storm. We cannot control the storm however we can drop an anchor down and stabilize our ship amongst the storm.

Create space that is safe and open

I work to create space that is safe and open so that I can support you as a unique individual in the process of gaining awareness and making the personal changes that will help bring you more fulfillment and joy.  When we begin our therapy sessions, we also begin to establish our therapeutic relationship. I place great value on the quality of our connection and rapport and will make it a priority to create a place where you feel seen, safe, and have your needs taken seriously. 
In therapy, you will gain knowledge, tools, and insight along with a caring and present individual to walk along beside you. In my work with you, I will spend time really getting to know the factors that contribute to your unique self. I take time to understand the relevant information pertaining to your presenting challenges (background information, transformational life events, thought patterns and beliefs, personality characteristics and your emotional experience). We then use this information to help guide our work together and create a plan for moving forward. I am passionate about this work, because I have seen the transformation that can occur. It is truly amazing to see the empowerment people experience when they feel they have the skills, emotional capacity, and ability to function better in their day-to-day lives and relationships. I would be honored to walk with you on this journey. 
Our experience together will be dynamic. In our sessions, we will use a multi-faceted approach that incorporates insight and understanding of your past, mindfulness, body awareness, and exploring unhelpful thoughts. The first step is reaching out via phone or email and we can chat about how I can best support you. 

How to get started with Propel Counseling