Supporting you to move towards what is most meaningful in your life.

You have a unique story which is worth telling.

I am here to support you in understanding how your unique story has contributed to where you are in your life but also the direction this story has yet to take you.

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Finding a therapist who is a good fit for you is important. I offer a 15 minute free consultation to talk about your individual needs and decide how you and I can best move forward.

Something is holding you back.

Do you feel you are navigating the complexities of your life without an internal compass? This can lead you to feeling stuck in the challenges and unsure how to co-exist with uncertainty.

Are you tired of feeling anxious, isolated, stressed, overwhelmed, unseen and burned out?

Are you tired of hearing all the negative thoughts that keep repeating in your head?

Something has been holding you back.

As you navigate the complexity of life, uncertainty and doubt seem to always be with you. This can lead you feeling stuck in the challenges and unsure of what your life can look like.

So many questions: Who am I? What do I want for my life? Who do I want to become in my future?

You’re wondering if there’s another way.

Do you find yourself confused when trying to distinguish between things you have control over and things that are outside of your control. This uncertainty has you questioning your self-worth and why the way you are currently thinking and doing things is not providing the fulfilling life you would like.

You may be struggling with your identity, your thought patterns and sitting with uncomfortable emotions. Too often people find themselves questioning whether this is just how life is or if they can live more colorfully instead of feeling they are on automatic pilot.

Now is the time to live intentionally.

Has your discomfort become loud enough to motivate you to find another way? Are you wondering how to utilize your strengths to take you in a direction that is in alignment with your values and what is important to you?

Society and outside voices label you and this labeling can make you feel different and a give you a sense that you are wrong. This can lead to feelings of inadequacy, depression and isolation. Looking at these labels and voices in a different way can lead to self-acceptance and allow you to acknowledge and believe in your strengths.

Let’s work together to start living the life you deserve.

Now is the time to live intentionally.

It’s no wonder so many of us begin to experience anxiety, depression, confusion and overwhelm during this time.

Without the proper tools, support, and self-understanding, many individuals continue feeling lost and stuck in patterns they can’t seem to move through. They continue living a life that isn’t what they had hoped.

We will work together to make your life meaningful and fulfilling again. We will explore your patterns and beliefs that are holding you back and find practical ways to start living the life you’ve desired.